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La “frikipedia”, también nombrada la “enciclopedia extremadamente seria” o la “enciclopedia inútil”, es una parodia a la enciclopedia “wikipedia” en español.

Las entradas de la frikipedia suelen ser disparates dado que la web ha sido creada para satirizar y para criticar.  La frikipedia cerro en 2006 debido a una denuncia pero vuelve a estar activa desde el 20 de octubre de 2007.

Cualquier persona puede postear en la frikipedia. El único requisito es hacerse una cuenta gratuita y desde ésta puedes escribir cualquier artículo, por disparatado que sea. Dentro de los posts que hay en la frikipedia (que ya son más de 6000) podemos encontrar biografías, esposiciones de de hechos ficticios como verdaderos, parodias de creencias anacronicas y desfasadas como verdaderas…

Éste es un ejemplo de uno de los articulos de la frikipedia sobre Isabel Pantoja : http://www.frikipedia.es/friki/Isabel_Pantoja

Y éste otro sobre Chuck Norris:


Estos son ejemplos de dos de los artículos mas leídos de la frikipedia.


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One for the radio by McFly


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Hypertext most often refers to text on a computer that will lead the user to other, related information on demand. Hypertext is a relative innovation to user interfaces, which comes over some of the limitations of the traditional written texts. Rather than remaining static like traditional text, hypertext makes possible a dynamic organization of information through links and connections (called hyperlinks). Hypertext can be designed to perform various tasks; for instance when a user “clicks” on it a bubble with a word definition may appear, a web page on a related subject may load, a video clip may run, or an application may open.

The prefix hyper signifies the overcoming of the old linear constraints of written text. The term “hypertext” is often used where the term hypermedia might seem appropriate. In 1992 Ted Nelson – who coined both terms in 1965 – wrote:

“By now the word “hypertext” has become generally accepted for branching and responding text, but the corresponding word “hypermedia,” meaning complexes of branching and responding graphics, movies and sound – as well as text – is much less used. Instead they use the strange term “interactive multimedia” – four syllables longer, and not expressing the idea that it extends hypertext. – Nelson, Literary Machines 1992.”

Hypertext documents can either be static (prepared and stored in advance) or dynamic (continually changing in response to user input). Static hypertext can be used to cross-reference collections of data in documents, software applications, or books on CDs. A well-constructed system can also incorporate other user-interface conventions, such as menus and command lines. Hypertext can develop very complex and dynamic systems of linking and cross-referencing. The most famous implementation of hypertext is the World Wide Web.

In the late 1980s, Berners-Lee, then a scientist at CERN, invented the World Wide Web to meet the demand for automatic information-sharing among scientists working in different universities and institutes all over the world. In 1992, Lynx was born as an early Internet web browser. Its ability to provide hypertext links within documents that could reach into documents anywhere on the Internet began the creation of the web on the Internet.

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Demi Lovato

Demetria Devonne “Demi” Lovato is an American actress, singer and songwriter. She is better known as Mitchie, from her role as Mitchie Torres, her character in Camp rock and Charlotte, her character in “as the bell rings”. She has just releaed hwe new album “Don’t froget”, exactly september 23 2008.

She started acting at the age of 6, when she met her best friend, Selena Gomez. Demi also stars in the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock as Mitchie Torres, which premiered on June 20, 2008. She is a singer and songwriter as well as a musician, playing guitar and piano since the age of eleven.

She has been the opening show to the Jonas Brothers 2008 tour and has also attend the Disney Channel Games 2008.

She plays guitar and piano and has composed some of her albums show, such as stronger, open and shadow. The Jonas brothes have also written a song with her and some of the song in Don’t forget are sang by Demi featuring The Jonas brother.

It’s said that the second part of Camp rock is being recorded at the moment and it’s going to be released in the summer 2009.

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Limewire is a free p2p sharing client for the java plataform. It uses the Gnutella network to locate files as well as share files. You can also pay for it so you can use the Limewire PRO, that is faster than normal limewire. Recently, limewire opened his own store.

Lime Wire LLC, the New York City based developer of LimeWire, distributes two versions of the program; a basic version for free, and an enhanced version, LimeWire PRO, sold for a fee of $21.95 with 6 months of updates, or $34.95 with 1 year of updates. The company claims the paid version provides faster downloads and 66% better search results. Limewire is always being modified, so you can download the 12.4 version one day and the following day an small window can appear to you saying that there is a new version avaliable to download for free.

Limewires logo is a half lemon. It is able to run in every computer with java virtual machine installed. Installers are provided for Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X and Linus. Limewire offers the sharing through the Digital Audio Acces Protocol. As such, when LimeWire is running and configured to allow it, any files shared will be detectable on the local network by DAAP-enabled devices, e.g: iTunes.

With limewire you can download files automatically or download it via torrent. You download the torrent and with another program called BitTorrent, you download the torrent information. For example, you put Camp rock torrent in the limewire seach and you download that torrent. Then you go to BitTorrent and you add the torrent to that program. Several hours, days… later you have downloaded Camp rock, as you wanted.


Information from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limewire

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Simple plan

Simple plan is one of the best bands of the music world at the moment. They have 3 albums on sale: “No pads, no helemts… just balls”,” Still not getting any” and, their last one, “Simple plan”. In this 3 albums they have several number ones such as “I’d do anything”, “perfect”, “addicted”, “welcome to my life”, “When I’m gone”…

The band is composed by Pierre Bouvier (lead vocals), David Desrosiers (backing vocals and bass), Sebastien Lefebvre (guitar and backing vocals), Chuck Comeau (drums) and, last but not least, Jeff Stinco (lead guitar). They come from Canada, but they actually live in LA.

It’s considered todays one of the busiest band in the world. They have played everywhere, Tokyo, Mexico, Australia, USA, Canda, England, Spain…

This last year, they were the lead band to the U18 “festival” or concerts. It was a great tour because they allowed U18 people go into the concerts, something that was impossible before in this kind of music. The played in 3 places in Spain. One was Barcelona, other was Valencia, and the other one was Bilbao. Well, not exactly Bilbao, but Barakaldo, in the Rock Star. They also went to Madrid, but in July, not april. They played with NoWayOut (from Barcelona) and with Falling Kids (from Madrid) in the first time, and in Madrid they played with the awesome Panic! At the disco, and some other groups (Pignoise, Motel, Despistaos, NoWayOut)

They are coming again to Bilbao. They are playing along with Zebrahead which it’s music is similar to Simple plan. The concert is the 16/11 in “el pabellon de La Casilla” at it starts at 19:00. I recomend you all to go. Their life is great. You won’t regret it.

Tickets are on sale in BBK, Fnac and tick-tack tickets and it’s price is 28€.

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