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Alice, Emmett, Bella, Edward, Rosalie, Jasper

Alice, Emmett, Bella, Edward, Rosalie, Jasper

Twilight is the first of the four book collection by Stephanie Meyer. The book is about a vampire (Edward) that fells in love with a human girl (Bella) and all the problems of a relation between two people so different. Edward family accept Bella, well, not everyone. One of his “sisters” (Rosalie) doesn’t want to accet her. During the film, Bella is about to be eaten but Edaward’s family save her.

It’s recently made into a film. The main stars, Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart have a good relation and it’s shown in the filmn. They have great chemistry and it’s good for the characters they act.

The main cast is the following:

  • Edward Cullen: Robert Pattinson
  • Bella Swan: Kirsten Stewart
  • Alice Cullen: Ashley Greene
  • Jasper Hale: Jackson Rathbone
  • Rosalie Hale: Nikki Reed
  • Emmett Cullen: Kellan Lutz
  • Carlisle Cullen: Peter Facinelli
  • Esme Cullen: Elizabeth Reaser
  • James: Cam Gigandet
  • Victoria: Rachelle LeFevre
  • Laurent: Edi Gathegi
  • Jacob Black: Taylor Laurent

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La “frikipedia”, también nombrada la “enciclopedia extremadamente seria” o la “enciclopedia inútil”, es una parodia a la enciclopedia “wikipedia” en español.

Las entradas de la frikipedia suelen ser disparates dado que la web ha sido creada para satirizar y para criticar.  La frikipedia cerro en 2006 debido a una denuncia pero vuelve a estar activa desde el 20 de octubre de 2007.

Cualquier persona puede postear en la frikipedia. El único requisito es hacerse una cuenta gratuita y desde ésta puedes escribir cualquier artículo, por disparatado que sea. Dentro de los posts que hay en la frikipedia (que ya son más de 6000) podemos encontrar biografías, esposiciones de de hechos ficticios como verdaderos, parodias de creencias anacronicas y desfasadas como verdaderas…

Éste es un ejemplo de uno de los articulos de la frikipedia sobre Isabel Pantoja : http://www.frikipedia.es/friki/Isabel_Pantoja

Y éste otro sobre Chuck Norris:


Estos son ejemplos de dos de los artículos mas leídos de la frikipedia.

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Limewire is a free p2p sharing client for the java plataform. It uses the Gnutella network to locate files as well as share files. You can also pay for it so you can use the Limewire PRO, that is faster than normal limewire. Recently, limewire opened his own store.

Lime Wire LLC, the New York City based developer of LimeWire, distributes two versions of the program; a basic version for free, and an enhanced version, LimeWire PRO, sold for a fee of $21.95 with 6 months of updates, or $34.95 with 1 year of updates. The company claims the paid version provides faster downloads and 66% better search results. Limewire is always being modified, so you can download the 12.4 version one day and the following day an small window can appear to you saying that there is a new version avaliable to download for free.

Limewires logo is a half lemon. It is able to run in every computer with java virtual machine installed. Installers are provided for Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X and Linus. Limewire offers the sharing through the Digital Audio Acces Protocol. As such, when LimeWire is running and configured to allow it, any files shared will be detectable on the local network by DAAP-enabled devices, e.g: iTunes.

With limewire you can download files automatically or download it via torrent. You download the torrent and with another program called BitTorrent, you download the torrent information. For example, you put Camp rock torrent in the limewire seach and you download that torrent. Then you go to BitTorrent and you add the torrent to that program. Several hours, days… later you have downloaded Camp rock, as you wanted.


Information from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limewire

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