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Simple plan

Simple plan is one of the best bands of the music world at the moment. They have 3 albums on sale: “No pads, no helemts… just balls”,” Still not getting any” and, their last one, “Simple plan”. In this 3 albums they have several number ones such as “I’d do anything”, “perfect”, “addicted”, “welcome to my life”, “When I’m gone”…

The band is composed by Pierre Bouvier (lead vocals), David Desrosiers (backing vocals and bass), Sebastien Lefebvre (guitar and backing vocals), Chuck Comeau (drums) and, last but not least, Jeff Stinco (lead guitar). They come from Canada, but they actually live in LA.

It’s considered todays one of the busiest band in the world. They have played everywhere, Tokyo, Mexico, Australia, USA, Canda, England, Spain…

This last year, they were the lead band to the U18 “festival” or concerts. It was a great tour because they allowed U18 people go into the concerts, something that was impossible before in this kind of music. The played in 3 places in Spain. One was Barcelona, other was Valencia, and the other one was Bilbao. Well, not exactly Bilbao, but Barakaldo, in the Rock Star. They also went to Madrid, but in July, not april. They played with NoWayOut (from Barcelona) and with Falling Kids (from Madrid) in the first time, and in Madrid they played with the awesome Panic! At the disco, and some other groups (Pignoise, Motel, Despistaos, NoWayOut)

They are coming again to Bilbao. They are playing along with Zebrahead which it’s music is similar to Simple plan. The concert is the 16/11 in “el pabellon de La Casilla” at it starts at 19:00. I recomend you all to go. Their life is great. You won’t regret it.

Tickets are on sale in BBK, Fnac and tick-tack tickets and it’s price is 28€.


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